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Eagle Seminar Online ClassLearn about the 3 Pillars of Freedom – religious, political and economic freedom from God’s perspective and how it affects our current world situation and your personal freedom and constitutional rights. Learn how to increase your political and financial intelligence and benefit and prosper from technology trends in America. You will learn how to protect your rights and defend your liberty and freedom for our children's posterity. This is a live, in person class where you will have the opportunity to interact for discussion with the instructor and other students! Lunch, snacks and books are included.

Adult Eagle SeminarOnly $179 today! Regular Rate: $350.00 / Valued at $750.00.

 1 Class Total
 8 hours of Instruction
 Live In Classroom
Lunch and Books included
* 1 Day Subscription

Recommended Reading:
Economic Freedom: Financial Matrix – Orin Woodward ( Download Book )
Political Freedom: What Where They Thinking – Carol Sewell ( Download Book )
Religious Freedom: Driven By Eternity – John Bevere ( Download Book )

Duration: 1 day
Price: $179.00